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Azura Retreats is located on Benguerra Island within the Bazaruto Marine National Park. Benguerra is the second largest island in the Bazaruto Archipelago, which is made up of five islands: Bazaruto, Benguerra, Magaruque, Banque, and Santa Carolina (or Paradise Island).

Benguerra Island is approximately 9 kilometres x 5 kilometres and has about 2000 inhabitants. It lies some 14 kilometres north east of Vilanculos, the nearest town and site of the international airport. Benguerra is famous for its unspoiled white beaches, remarkable dive sites and excellent fishing.


The nearest airport is Vilanculos International Airport (VNX) on the Mozambique mainland.

From Johannesburg:
There are daily flights from Johannesburg International airport (OR Tambo), at approximately 80 minutes flight time.

From Kruger:
Flights are also available from Kruger Mpumalanga Airport (MQP), allowing for an excellent ‘bush and beach’ combination with many lodges in the Greater Kruger area. From July to January, these flights are direct and during the rest of the year, the flights will route via Johannesburg.

From Maputo:
There are scheduled return flights between Maputo (MPM) and Vilanculos (VNX).

From Vilanculos:
It is a 8-minute scenic helicopter transfer to Benguerra Island.


The helicopter has an allowance of 20kg of luggage per person (including hand luggage) in soft-sided bags. Hard suitcases with wheels are not recommended, but if this is unavoidable, the maximum dimensions for hard suitcases are 60 x 40 x 25 cm.

NB Repacking the contents of large, over-sized, hard suitcases is an option and excess luggage can be stored free of charge. Should you prefer not to repack, luggage charges will apply, either on a ‘seat rate’ or ‘per flight’ basis depending on the day’s schedule.


The Mozambican government has recently changed the entry visa regulations to remove the requirement for an entry visa (for holiday travel) for the following countries:

Belgium; Canada; China; Denmark; Finland; France; Germany; Ghana; Indonesia; Ireland; Israel; Italy; Ivory Coast; Japan; Netherlands; Norway; Portugal; Russia; Saudi Arabia; Senegal; Singapore; South Korea; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; UAE; United Kingdom; United States; Ukraine.

Countries that are not exempt can receive their single entry border visas on arrival at Vilanculos International Airport for c. US $11 (but exchange rates do fluctuate), payable in cash.

Please note that these travellers should ensure they have the following:

  • Passport valid for at least six months after departure from Mozambique.
  • Minimum of three empty pages in the passport.
  • Confirmation/copies of hotel reservation and round-trip flight tickets (please send passport details beforehand so the relevant confirmation letter can be prepared).
  • Cash to pay for the visa fee to the value of MZN 650 (currently $11 but exchange rates do fluctuate). The US dollars must be new notes in small denominations.

Mozambique has recently launched a new E-Visa system, which aims to simplify the visa issuance process on arrival into the country.  Guests travelling from countries that are not exempted will be required to register for their E-Visas prior to their arrival. Please click here for more information.

NB The above represents Azura’s current understanding of the regulations, which may be subject to change without notice.


Mozambique is a low-risk malarial area and suitable prophylactics are advised, but please consult your medical professional before departure, as well for advice on any other vaccinations required.

Azura has a Medical Evacuation policy with a doctor on call in South Africa. Should an emergency situation arise, a medically equipped plane is dispatched which then transports the patient to the closest hospital with First World Care (Johannesburg normally).

Azura maintains a small medical supply with items that are frequently needed, as well as first aid trained staff. Please bring any medications you think you may need with you.


Azura prices extras in US dollars ($) but takes payment in Mozambique’s local currency, the Metical, in accordance with Mozambican law. We accept all credit cards except American Express and Diners, as they are not present in Mozambique.

South African Rand, Euros or American Dollars are also accepted. Traveller’s cheques are not accepted.

What to pack

Our packing tips

  • Beach essentials: Bathing suits, sunglasses, sunhat, sunscreen, kikois or wraps and flip flops or sandals (that can get wet)
  • Trainers/sneakers for some activities.
  • Batteries or chargers for cameras, phones etc. We provide electrical convertors.
  • Light, cool and informal clothing is worn during the day but in the evenings something smart casual or beach chic is appropriate. We usually serve dinner on the beach, so very high heels are not appropriate.
  • Diving certification cards. It is now possible to undertake the theory part of a PADI qualification on-line with the practical dives completed on site.

Wifi is available throughout Azura Benguerra Island via Starlink. Download speeds may vary.

Cell phone signal is usually available.

Weather & seasons

You can expect amazing warm and sunny weather year-round as Benguerra Island is one of 10 countries aligned along the Tropic of Capricorn.

November to March are very hot summer months with temperatures easily reaching the mid to high 30s during the day – 35°C/95°F. The evening temperatures usually drop by around 8 to 10oC to 26°C/79°F.

April to May, as well as September and October, are some of our most popular months for those who like warm weather, with temperatures reaching daily highs of around 27oC/81oF. In the evening, temperatures drop by around 7 to 8°C to 18°C/66°F.

June to August can hardly be called winter however, as daily temperatures range around the higher 20s during the day – 26°C/79°F and between 8-10°C cooler in the evenings so are around 17°C/63°F.

Rainfall is generally restricted to the mainland with the islands receiving very little rainfall, although some showers can occur between November and February. These are usually short, sharp bursts, often at night, helping to cool the very hot temperatures of the summer months.

Ocean temperatures are comfortably warm in the summer months and can reach 28/29°C (84°F). In winter, it still remains warm enough for swimming (24/25°C or 77°F).

It is therefore clear why the Bazaruto Archipelago is a such a serious contender as a year-round popular holiday destination!

Tipping Guidelines

We suggest USD$ 15-20 per villa per day as a guideline for general staff. This includes housekeeping, the watersports team, maintenance, kitchen and bar, but does not include your Host or any management. This will be split equally between all staff included.

We suggest between USD$ 15-20 per villa per day for your Host.

Should you wish to add a tip to anyone else who made your stay memorable you are more than welcome to do so separately.

Gratuities can be added to your bill and we guarantee 100% that this will go to the staff. Alternatively you can leave cash and we will provide envelopes if needed.


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