Beauty and authenticity

Inspire your eco journey

Our retreat moves to the natural rhythms of the seasons and tides, and we are deeply passionate about preserving and protecting this very special place and community. Azura is run as a genuinely ethically- and ecologically-minded team. Just by being here, you support the community, conservation and are really making a difference!


The Rainbow Fund

The Azura Rainbow Fund is the first registered charity of its kind in Mozambique. It supports a variety of social and environmental projects large and small, from building schools to environmental protection initiatives. We are part of a Protected Marine Reserve and have a dedicated environmentalist and community officer at Azura to maximise our efforts to look after the indigenous species and migrating sea-life.

Giving back to


By simply staying at Azura Benguerra Island, you are giving back to the people and country of Mozambique.

  • Paying US$ 20 per villa per stay (optional) contribution to The Rainbow Fund to support: Local and environmental projects; the island clinic and school; 20 scholarships for island children to have further education on the mainland.
  • Supporting Azura’s carbon-neutral pledge and tree-planting offsetting initiative in which a tree is planted for every guest that visits the island.
  • Enjoying the fresh produce which is purchased from local fisherman who sustainably harvest fish, lobster and crab.
  • Paying the mandatory US$ 15 per person per stay Bazaruto National Park fee, a marine reserve managed by African Parks.

Sustainability and indigenous materials

Make for elegant living

As you look around your villa, everything that meets your gaze was carefully considered and designed in harmony with nature. Window frames and doors are made by Mozambiquan carpenters and the massive supporting beams are the second-life of storm-felled trees. Where possible, furnishings and materials are handmade by disadvantaged communities across Southern Africa.

Hand building enables hand-ups

We trained local islanders during the construction of Azura, which enabled them to go on to employment in the booming development industry. They built Azura by hand with minimal equipment. Everything other than sand was brought in on local dhows to further involve locals.

Pack a little something extra for the school and clinic

We are proud members of Pack for a Purpose, an initiative that allows travellers, like you, to make a lasting impact. By saving some space in your suitcase and bringing supplies for the school and clinic, you are directly improving the lives of our children and families. Please click here to see what supplies are needed.

The only footprints you'll leave are on the beach

Our vision is to maximise your experience and minimise your impacts, without compromising on luxury. You can leave all worldly worries behind, inspired in the knowledge that your visit is making the conservation of the island and its way of life possible.

In tune with the elements

100% solar powered, this is the first Tesla-powered property in Mozambique. Our buildings are also water-wise, and we use eco-detergents and grey-water recycled watering to promote lush tropical growth. All of these efforts combined have an amazing effect on reducing our carbon footprint.

Sourcing & supporting local

Mozambican people are an integral part of the character and experience at Azura. Freshly-caught seafood is sourced from local fishermen and our highly-trained team look forward to meeting you, sharing their exquisite island, and caring for you throughout your stay.


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