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Azura Giving Back

Ethical and Uplifting

Azura is seen by the local authorities where we operate as a model for ethical sustainable community-based tourism. We have a firm policy of upliftment at Azura, which means most of our hosts, housekeeping staff, gardeners and so on are Mozambican. Typically, they have grown up in disadvantaged communities, and are being trained by Azura. By staying with us you are helping them to advance their skills.

Local Family Villages

Please remember our local staff are welcoming you to their home, countries which until recently were amongst the poorest in the world. In return, with your help, we do our best to make their home a better place for them and their families. We are always looking for ways to ‘give back’ to the surrounding communities with whom we share our beautiful locations. We suggest an optional small donation from guests towards the Rainbow Fund and use the funds to better the communities that we operate in.