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Wild Dog Pups, Lions & More

From the Azura Selous Team - January 2018

It’s been a wonderful start to the year at Azura Selous, with a herd of 1000 + buffalo and elephant enjoying our waterholes, lion sightings in abundance, leopard and their cubs happily posing for photos, all capped off with the 4 month old wild dog puppies emerging from their nearby den. What more could any guest wish for? Read our latest Tripadvisor reviews here to see just how happy our guests have been.

The two lion prides in our immediate area have been having a battle of wills for male dominance these past few months.

The main female in the Azura Pride has won the day for now, with the two males from the Mwendokasi pride being lured away to join her. With all the activity we expect to see some cubs in a few months’ time. Immediately recognisable for having a shortened tail, Stumptail, as she is known, has bred successfully in our area for many years now, and led a pride that has been up to 21 strong at its peak.


Some guests last week arrived to find a standoff between the Azura Pride of lion and the wild dog on our runway, a regular sighting since we have two packs in our area and wild dog just love to spend their days lazing at the nearby waterhole before heading out to hunt the abundant impala. We have just added a new larger waterhole, taking us up to a total of four, all of which provide excellent game viewing and photo opportunities, as well as encouraging our large herds of buffalo and plains game to stay nearby.

Talking photos, photographic safaris are our passion, with our guides off-roading our Land Rover game viewers as needs be in pursuit of the best positioning. Don’t forget that we offer guests a private vehicle whenever we can, so there is always time to linger and enjoy a sighting, while getting the camera angles and lighting at its best.

Guests have been really enjoying leopard sightings which have been plentiful, with Kurwal and Doto our rapidly growing cubs spotted often along Hyena Stream. Then our elephant family has settled in nicely up by Little Serengeti Plain, as well as our usual bulls that love to come through camp. By night, we have a male leopard passing through, and hyena are often seen from the vehicles as guests return from bush dinner.

January to March are prime months at Azura Selous, with abundant game viewing topped off by the arrival of throngs of migratory birds, and the plains game delivering their babies at the first sign of rain. Check our useful guide to Azura Selous through the Seasons. We had some unusual showers this past month which have lushed up the grass, providing plenty of food for all and some excellent sightings. Its not too late to book and take advantage of our current Fly on Us special offer to experience this wonderful show at Azura Selous.