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Lots of Lions for Azura Selous

From our Guides - July 2017

Azura guests have enjoyed fantastic and quality sightings of lions of the Mwendokasi pride recently. Mwendokasi in Swahili means ‘always on the move during daytime no matter how hot it is’, a name our guides have given the pride. This pride consists of one male, three females and one cub. They are always close to camp and exciting our guests with their continual closeness to camp.

An entirely new pride has been visiting at Azura Selous, it consists of 3 females and 2 young adults of which are curiously following the continuous movements of the buffalo. As the buffalo have become accustom to our waterholes, we are seeing an increase in visiting numbers around camp, resulting in the lion pride also staying near our area. 

On 24th July we saw, morning and afternoon, a pride of 14 lions across the river, opposite to the area where our boat cruises often start. All in all, lots of lions again for Azura Selous guests.

The general game sightings are plentiful with the bush getting drier in the Selous. Elephants are moving closer to camp; some individual bulls and a family-breeding herd are roaming along the river allowing our guests to take some magnificent pictures, as well as there have been great elephant sightings for our guests during their boat safaris. Hippos are basking in the sun on the sand banks by the river as the water is still a bit cold for them, so they are out more than they will be in later months.

The wild dogs have been delighting our guests with pure entertainment during one of their first game drives as well as covering quite a large area around camp. We will continue to monitor their movements which may lead us close to an area of where they may be denning, we will be sure to keep everyone up to date on this exciting news.

There were excellent sightings of leopard in the last week for the guests not too far from the camp, the leopard was very relaxed and this made for some excellent photo opportunities.

Stay tuned for more exciting happenings at Azura Selous