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Selous: New Season Sightings

From the Azura Selous Team - June 2018

Azura Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania has now been open for a full month since the end of the rainy season and our guests have already been treated to some exceptional sightings. Herds of zebra and buffalo, towers of giraffe and a pair of rather amorous lions are providing our guests with some once-in-a-lifetime photographic opportunities.

Most exciting of all are the leopards, a mother and her two sub-adult cubs, which have made the large trees around the camp their home. As a result, all of our guests have been able to capture more than a fleeting glimpse of these normally elusive felines. If your safari clients are determined to see a leopard in the wild, send them to Azura Selous Game Reserve and they won’t be disappointed.

Another safari favourite that you won’t have any trouble spotting is elephant – and that’s not because of their size. Before the camp opened there were signs of families and solitary males moving about in the area. Now they’ve come out into the open and enjoy nothing more than posing for the camera. Our resident wild dog pack has also been active and we expect to see new litters of pups shortly. So impressed with their authentic safari experience, our first guests of the new season not only left us a wonderful review on TripAdvisor, they also shared the photos from their stay with us.

This is also an ideal time of the year to go on a boating safari. Many of our resident hippos have recently welcomed new additions to their family and love nothing more than sunbathing on the exposed banks in the early mornings and late afternoons. As always, gliding along the river is a unique way to experience the bush and allows you to get closer to the animals than you would in a Land Rover.

It’s true that no matter where you look at Azura Selous Game Reserve, you’re bound to see something that will stop you in your tracks. That includes sunrises and sunsets when the sky is washed with colours ranging from fiery oranges and reds in the morning through to pastel lilacs and blues in the evening. The night sky is just as dazzling and even amateur astronomers will be able to pick out Jupiter, Venus, the constellation of Scorpio and the Southern Cross without assistance.

If the start of the season is anything to go by, the rest of the year is set to be full of spectacular sightings, beautiful sunsets the best holiday memories. This is the time to book your end-of-year holiday, and with our Family Fun offer, treating the whole family to a safari is the obvious choice. You could also combine Azura Quilalea Private Island with Azura Selous Game Reserve for the ultimate Bush and Beach vacation