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Padi Junior Scuba Divers x 3

From the Owners - January 2017

I have been waiting, not so patiently, for the day when my children would finally be able to dive with me. They have donned the equipment, and tried it out in the pool since they were 8 thanks to the Padi Bubblemaker course, and even been down to 2m in the sea with Azura’s patient dive instructors steering them from behind, whilst keeping them the right way up given the heaviness of the tank on their slight frames. But as my youngest turned 10 on Quilalea Island, I said its time, let’s get the books out and take your proper Padi Junior Open Water Scuba course. Yay – up they jumped, off to the Watersports, fins and masks at the ready.

It took just three days, and not a little patience from our instructor, to get them through the skills they needed to demonstrate in the pool and the ocean, and pass the written test, “do I really need to know this stuff”, asked my 10 year old, “can’t I just go dive?”. “Nope”, I replied, “let’s do this properly and then you can dive anywhere in the world”.

I can’t explain my joy as we fell backwards into the sea, BCD’s fully inflated, weight belts on, ready to drop down to 12m on Quilalea’s magnificent house reef. And there they were, swimming alongside me, amongst the usual spectacle of fusiliers, chocolate dip fish, surgeons, and angelfish, perfectly balanced and waving at me. They sped after turtles (we saw 5 that dive), trying to stroke their backs, gave me the OK sign every 2 minutes, then eventually calmed down into the most wonderful dive, ending with 8 blue spotted stingrays on stingray alley just off the headland of the island. Back on the island, my daughter screamed “did you see that huge titan triggerfish Mum?”, “did you see me touch the turtle”.“Did you see Dory?” said my son, “can we be marine biologists when we grow up?”. Job done. Little Jacques Cousteau’s in the making, ecstatically happy Mum.