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Ocean Encounters at Quilalea

From the Azura Quilalea Team - August 2018

With its own house reef and the protected waters of the Quirimbas Archipelago to explore, Azura Quilalea Private Island is a scuba-diver’s paradise. Dive sites with names such as The Stadium of Light and Casino Royal promise unforgettable encounters with a staggering variety of marine life. These reefs are home to Giant Groupers and Napoleon Wrasse, a resident school of circular-shaped batfish and occasionally, Grey Reef Sharks. An abundance of colourful soft and hard corals all in pristine condition, complete the diverse marine life that can be found in this area.

Green and hawksbill turtles are a big attraction here and those that have made our house reef their home are particularly friendly. Many of guests have wonderful tales to tell about their encounters with the turtles, such a family who happened upon a batch of recently hatched baby turtles dashing for the safety of the water.

But by far the best story has been a first-time scuba-diver’s encounter with a manta ray. The PADI Discover Scuba course is one of many offered at our PADI 5 Star dive centre. It includes one-on-one instruction with a qualified and experienced dive instructor and a session in the training pool. After that, students can take their first dive around the house reef. And this is where our new student, along with their instructor happened upon a Manta Ray gliding through the clear waters, most likely on its way to a nearby cleaning station.

Of course, it’s entirely possible to experience an ocean safari without getting your feet wet (well, maybe a little bit) at Azura Quilalea Private Island. In fact, you can see some of the most incredible marine life from your boat while fishing or on your way to explore the other island in the archipelago.

Large pods of dolphins regularly make an appearance behind our mangrove sanctuary on Sencar Island. Watching these playful animals frolic in the water is always a thrill. Something else you can easily spot from our boats between July and October are the humpback whales on their migration up the coast. It’s even possible to spot the whales from the beach as they pass through the deeper waters. The whales often put on a display of whale behaviour such as breaching, spyhopping and lobtailing – all terms you’ll want to get familiar with if you intend to do some whale watching on your holiday.

Whether you’re a snorkeller, scuba-diver or simply a marine life enthusiast, one thing is certain – no guest leaves Azura Quilalea Private Island without a story to tell.