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Ideal Ocean Safari Destination

From the Azura Team - April 2018

With the Bazaruto Archipelago Marine Park and the Quirimbas Archipelago Marine Reserve, Mozambique offers an exceptional ocean safari experience for scuba divers, snorkellers and lovers of marine life alike. The warm waters of the Indian Ocean and the ecologically diverse marine life make it an obvious destination for those seeking the ultimate ocean safari.

Here you’ll find some of the healthiest coral reef systems in the world, thanks to deep drop-off of the Mozambican shelf. Divers can look forward to exploring bleach-free coral reefs; the saturated colours a sign of the coral’s excellent condition. Add to that, encounters with dolphins, nesting turtles and migrating whales in season, all ingredients for an unforgettable ocean safari.

Africa’s largest marine sanctuary
While the Quirimbas Archipelago consists of 32 islands, only 11 of these and part of the mainland form the Quirimbas National Park – the largest marine protected area in Africa. Further south, the Bazaruto Archipelago Marine Park is comprised of six islands and a large expanse of ocean.

From the smallest nudibranchs to Whale Sharks and Humpback Whales, the diversity of marine life in these waters is outstanding. It is also home to the only viable dugong population in all of Eastern Africa.

Whale watching season in Mozambique
Every year, pods of whales leisurely make their way to the warm waters of the South East African coast to breed. These migrating whales can be spotted in the Bazaruto and Quirimbas Archipelago’s between July and October.

Guests at both Azura Benguerra Island and Azura Quilalea Private Island have been treated to incredible displays by the passing Southern Right Whales and Humpback Whales. You’ll have the opportunity to see whole families, including calves, up-close by boat – a highlight for any marine enthusiast.

Countless ways to explore the marine life of the Indian Ocean
Ocean safaris aren’t just for scuba divers– there are many different ways to explore the Mozambican islands. With clear waters offering good visibility, you’ll be treated to a diverse display of marine life without needing an oxygen tank.

Guided night snorkelling, kayaking, marine walks, island hopping and traditional dhows If you’re extra adventurous and looking for a unique experience, try guided night snorkelling. With the aid of flashlights and an accomplished guide, you’ll see a completely different side of the ocean life.

Marine life doesn’t end with the ocean and our guides are happy to share their knowledge with you on a guided walk along the beach. Here you’ll spot leopard cowries, ghost crabs and turtles. The opportunity to learn more about the island’s distinctive ecosystem will add another dimension to your holiday.

If you enjoy kayaking or stand-up paddle boarding, this is a great way to explore the warm ocean waters while getting some exercise. You’ll glide with ease through the calm waters and see the island from a different perspective.