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Gin and Tonic O’Clock

From the Owners - May 2017

There’s an amazing little gin bar I’ve known for years in a fishing village called Carvoeiro in the Algarve, where the glasses are the size of fish bowls, and the mixologist’s concoctions endless in their originality. At least that’s how it seems when you’re there. As someone who likes a G&T, the new craft gin revolution that’s recently been taking the world’s trendiest spots by storm hadn’t escaped me. Now there’s nothing quite like watching the sun go down at Azura with a gin and tonic in hand. At any of our Azuras, be it from the landrover in the bush at Azura Selous, from the dhow at Azura Benguerra, or the beach bar at Quilalea. So it was obvious - time for a craft gin bar at Azura!

I invited a few friends to come and stay on the island with some simple instructions – hand pick a few bottles of craft gin, some syrups, and spices, then pack them in your suitcase, and meet me at sunset with them on the beach. I also chose a few of my own. Cruxland infused with Kalahari truffles sounded good, a colourful bottle of Ophir with oriental spices, Wilderer with fynbos to bring out my latent wild side. Friends arrived with Musgrave pink for the ladies, Hope for those who thought they needed it, Whitley Neill with proteas and hibiscus, the deeply coloured Inverroche Amber, Malfy con Limone, and Rooibos Red - apparently suitable for morning tea as well as sundowners, or so they tried to convince me.

My team got to work splicing and dicing cucumbers, lemons and pomegranates, Faizel suggested Star anise would look pretty, I wanted to try gin with lychees, or find a chilli so mild we could do a peri-peri gin, this being Mozambique! And that’s what a gin bar does – it brings out your creative side as well as being great fun with your partner or a group of friends. It’s now a firm favourite with the guests on Azura’s islands, where they get to play mixologist as a special event once a week. Come try it, inhale the sea air combined with the scent of fynbos or truffles as you watch the sun set over Africa, and tell us which gin you like the best.