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Benguerra Children's Day 2019

From the Azura Benguerra Team - June 2019

UPDATE: Children's Day 2019 @ Azura Benguerra.
Held annually in June, Children's Day is a chance for the Azura Rainbow Fund team to treat the children on Benguerra Island to a extra-special day. And on a day that's all about children, what better way to celebrate than to join them in playing some games and having some fun!!

⚽ There was Volley Ball, headed up by Reaz & Tania, where a few of the games became rather competitive! Carlos was in charge on the football pitch, and made sure the teams were evenly balanced and had plenty of game time.

🥚 Jeni & Antonio added a slight challenge to the Egg & Spoon Race: music & dancing… cue much laughter and surprisingly few broken eggs!

🎶 Chelsie was in chief choreographer in charge of Moving Chairs (our version of Musical Chairs) - soon the kids were running in circles for chairs amidst clapping and laughter.

🏃 Agnes and Barbara had the run-around in a game of “Bean Bag Tag”- hilarious to watch, thrilling to partake in, and a great workout too! The Sack Race is always a firm favourite and this year Eric had the honour of calling the line.

➰ Peter put the teams to the test in a game of Tug-of-War, a serious challenge, conquered by many and enjoyed by all.

🥪 After a morning of fun and games, it was time to refuel with a well-earned lunch. The Azura Rainbow Fund helpers were put to work as more than 400 bowls of food were dished out, followed by apples and ice cold juice.

‎️🌈 The kids had a wonderfully fun day and the school enjoyed a large donation of stationery, as well as additional donations from guests collected over the past 6 months. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has contributed the the Rainbow Fund over the past year. As you can see, your donations and support have a magical effect!